Testimonials - Skin By Dr. Drew Karp


After almost 8 weeks on SKIN By Dr. Drew Karp, I’ve seen about a 30% improvement in a dark, hypertrophic scar, which is constantly exposed to the sun. In addition, I have about 40% improvement in keloid surgical scars. My skin glows like I have been on a health food retreat. SKIN By Dr. Drew Karp is my favorite accessory.
Angela, Palm Beach, Florida
I’m a long time devotee to the finest in skin creams and serums. I felt that the higher the price tag, the better the product. Since using SKIN, I no longer use expensive creams, and my skin looks better than it did 10 years ago. I couldn’t be happier with this product, and I highly recommend it.

Kim, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ever since I have been using Dr. Karps’ SKIN, there has been a drastic change to my skin. Not just the texture or the fact that my cystic and underground blemishes weren’t surfacing AT ALL, but my glow. The fact is, that this creation in a pill is a true antioxidant for your skin. I want to pay people to use this, it’s so good (that’s how sure I am). My skin is alive, clear for the most part, ALL the time, and actually LOOKS nourished. There would be no way I would be supplementing my body with the super foods this provides in one pill. I call this the magic pill.
Amanda, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I started using SKIN four weeks ago. At first, I was skeptical because I didn’t believe that the “Fountain of Youth” could be in a bottle. Boy was I wrong. My skin is radiant, and the depth of my nasal folds has basically disappeared. I look like I had fillers done.

Francine, New York, New York

I worked in the professional medical skincare business for over 15 years. I tried and bought medical grade skin care products from the finest companies. Some products are better than others. I’ve been using Dr. Drew Karp’s SKIN supplement for a little over a month, after spending the season in Florida and playing golf five to six days a week in the sun, I am amazed that I have much less sun damage, including freckles and melasma on my face and neck than previous seasons. I highly recommend using this product.

Sarah, Brooklyn, New York

I started using skin approximately 8 weeks ago. The effects have been subtle but increasingly noticeable, and in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I am 61 years old, and aside from my face, the real age give away were the back of my hands and my knees. Who knew knees age so badly? I didn’t believe it myself at first but, the skin around my knees has tightened noticeably, with those awful “folds” significantly smoothing out and almost disappearing! I’m actually wearing shorts again!
The skin across my hands has smoothed out considerably as well. In addition to all this, I was in a make-up boutique a few days ago. in front of those bright cosmetic lights, with no make up on. The girl doing my make-up thought I was about 48 years old! When I showed her my driver’s license to prove it, she was so impressed, she called several of the other artists over to ” look.” While I have done a few minor procedures over the years, (Sculptra ,Botox), the texture of my skin, since using ” skin,” is considerably smoother and brighter now, and, I believe, the word used to describe the effect is ” luminescent.”
Given all the healthy ingredients in “SKIN By Dr. Drew Karp” I have to believe using this nutritive supplement everyday is no doubt having an equally positive effect on my internal organs as well!Thank-you Dr. Karp!
Carolyn, North Salem, New York
I was not expecting much when I ordered this and was very amazed at the results. I’ve had keritosis (little bumps ) all over the backs of my arms all my adult life. I’ve used a lot of expensive medications and over the counter products, just to keep it controlled. My arms are totally smooth and clear! after using Skin for about 6 weeks. I don’t have much hyper pigmentation so I can’t speak to that yet. ( ‘ll review again about sun damage after my husband has used it for a while.)

Denise, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The only skin product I use and trust! This skin supplement is not only for women who are over the age of 35. I am in my 20’s and have noticed a huge difference in my skin within one month of taking SKIN by Dr. Drew Karp. Any little blemishes and inconsistencies in my complexion are gone, and my skin is glowing more than ever before. I could never get the nutrients from the fruits and veggies that are in the bottle everyday. I saw results so soon, so I can only imagine what my skin will look like in a few months. If you could not find something that worked for you before…trust me, this is unbelievable.

Deerfield Beach, Florida

This is the only product that I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried many, that has without a doubt improved the quality of my skin from head to toe. I have extremely dry skin that has improved beyond all expectations after two months on SKIN. The fact that this is accomplished with totally plant based ingredients is also astounding! My friends and family across the country are also falling in love with the results of this product. I’m so excited to see what the next two months on SKIN brings!! Tell all your friends about this one.. I AM!

GC, Scottsdale, Arizona

As a professional makeup artist, I’m always looking for amazing products that do what they claim. Beauty from the inside out is important because you are what you eat.
SKIN magically made a prominent broken blood vessel on my cheek disappear where even laser could not. My skin is getting tighter around my jawline and looks crystal clear. SO SIMPLE TO USE! Thank you for creating this product Dr. Karp. Telling all of my friends and clients about SKIN.Sher, Aventura, Florida
This amazing supplement that makes a noticeable impact in a very short amount of time. After taking SKIN for just over a week, I began to see how much firmer, smoother, and overall healthy-looking my skin had become and, as I continue to take it, the results just get better with time. I believe everyone should take SKIN and can promise that they will see the difference for themselves!

San Francisco, California

 I began to see differences immediately, within three days I could see changes…because let’s be real, I spend way to many minutes in the morning and through out the day… all day…analyzing my skin… i not only could see some changes but because I’m so mindful and in tune I can feel the changes.. now 10 days in I can’t imagine how two weeks, four weeks, two months, and three months will look like. I am nervous because I so desperately only want continued improvement and it feels too unreal … to good to be true that my skin is only going to get better… I wasn’t going to write or post anything until the end of week two or even four… but Peri asked me to after this mornings pictures… so I agreed and here we are.. I will continue to keep updating through the weeks with the changes I see… everyone should try SKIN… I’m blown away and hope to be more so as time continues! As Francine, who also uses skin says… Its the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.
Rebecca Albany, NY
Thank you for your fabulous SKIN supplement!!

I started taking SKIN 30 days ago and WOW! What a difference! My skin is softer, more youthful and has a certain glow to it. I noticed that my dreaded 11 has almost vanished from my forehead. I am in awe because I have the worst diet and eat junk food constantly and I still see a change. I am so grateful to Dr. Karp and his amazing skin supplement. Proof is in the pudding – I am 48 and a receptionist at my dentist thought I was in my early 30’s!

Warm Regards, Kim


I’ve been using Dr. Karp’s SKIN for 9 months. My skin has stopped breaking out, it’s got a beautiful glo and I get compliments on my skin every day. I’m 53 years old.

Elisa Koth, Evanston, Illionis.