SKIN Face Oil - Skin By Dr. Drew Karp

SKIN Face Oil

Younger Looking SKIN Face Oil By Dr. Drew Karp 

Baobab Oil – Virgin, Organic
Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids
Rich in antioxidants
Restores and boosts collagen production
Promotes rejuvenation of skin cells
Skin cells regenerate faster
Deeply nourishes skin cells
Assists with skin elasticity

Pomegranate Oil – Organic, Cold pressed
Improves elasticity
Help reduce signs of premature aging
Potent anti-inflammatory healer
Brightens and invigorates the skin
Deeply moisturizing
Keep your skin looking and feeling plump
Helps with skin cell regeneration

Rosehip Oil – Virgin, Organic
Ability to penetrate into deeper layers of skin
Brightens skin
Helps reduce appearance of wrinkles
Tissue repair
Skin moisturizer
Helps restore depleted and scarred tissue
Facial skin rejuvenation
Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids to plump skin

Moringa Oil – Virgin, Organic
Helps prevent sagging of facial skin
Restores vitality to the skin
Helps the skin retain moisture
Encourages cell growth
Boosts collagen production
Powerful antioxidant slows skin aging
Protects the skin from the environment
Promotes radiant skin
Helps rejuvenate the appearance of aging skin

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil – Virgin, Organic
Promotes skin hydration
Promotes skin healing and regeneration
Skin anti-aging effects
Provides deep moisturizing effects
Helps prevent premature skin aging
Evens skin tone


Almond oil – Sweet, Virgin, Organic
Protects skin against UV radiation damage
Protects skin from oxidative stress
Imparts a warm glow to the skin
Softens skin
Effective antioxidant
Helps support collagen synthesis
Facilitates skin lightening
Maintain your skin glossy and flawless

Sunflower oil – Organic
Helps smooth wrinkles
Protects skin from environmental damage
Promotes a natural healthy glow to the skin
May tighten and firm the skin
Helps skin stay clear and bright
May lessen premature signs of aging

Shea Nut Oil – Organic
Helps reduce appearance of wrinkles
Works to repair fine lines and wrinkles
Gives a nice glow to the skin
Natural moisturizer for the skin
Promote radiance of the skin
Is a powerful antioxidant

Flaxseed Oil – Virgin, Organic
Helps to increase collagen production
Helps to repair skin cells
Moisturizes the skin
Improves skin smoothness
Anti-inflammatory properties
Helps with skin hydration

Jojoba Oil – Golden, Organic
Moisturizes skin
Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
Strengthen the skin matrix
Protects the skin, Helps with skin repair
Achieve a more youthful glow

Marula Oil – Virgin, Organic
Activates collagen producing fibroblasts
May help premature aging
May plump skin cells
Help repair and reverse damage caused by the elements
Improves skin elasticity, Radiant looking skin
Renew your skin

Grapeseed Oil – Organic
Restoration of collagen at the cellular level
Tightens skin
Makes your skin feel firmer
Makes skin softer and more elastic
Lightens skin
Healthier younger softer skin tone