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The Vampire Facial vs the supplement SKIN By Dr Drew Karp

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Do you want to turn back time without breaking the bank?

Veronica Sanders, a certified aesthetic nurse specialist with Spa Therapies in East Memphis, demonstrated one of the latest anti-aging treatments to hit the market microneedling — also known as the vampire facial because it draws up a little blood.

“It`s very much like doing a dry tattoo we just aren`t implanting any pigment,” said Sanders.

Microneedling uses fine needles to create tiny wounds in the skin forcing the body to heal itself.

“When the body heals itself it actually creates more collagen and elastin,” said Sanders.

Forty-something year old Dana Long decided to give it a try. Her face was a little red and swollen for about a day after the procedure.

She’ll need about four more treatments, but two weeks later she noticed a difference in the appearance of her skin.

“I felt like it restored some youth back, some coloring. It smoothed it out a little bit,” said Long.

Melissa Francis, 51, was looking for even more dramatic results.

“Aging is something that`s not fun for me. I don`t like getting old,” said Francis.

Francis has no plans to go under a knife and few years ago began getting laser resurfacing to tighten her face and neck.

The fractional laser creates microscopic burns to the top layer of the skin and stimulates the growth of new collagen.

“Most of the time the results will last. It`s a permanent solution because your body is actually creating the collagen and elastin so there is not a filler or anything we are using, said Sanders.

Treatments like this require yearly maintenance, but cost hundreds of dollars versus thousands for a facelift.

Francis says since she started the treatments four years ago the jowls on her face are gone and she has more porcelain

“It took ten years off me,” said Francis.

Carly Miller is just 29, but doesn’t like the fine lines around her mouth or her chapped lips.

She was eager to try the latest FDA approved lip filler that promises a smoother and more natural look than some of the old fillers.

“It corrects the lines without a lot of fullness so it doesn’t give you that ducky look,” said Sanders.

Volbella, a hyaluronic acid based filler, feels more like water going in and last up to 18 months.

She`ll have some swelling, but the swelling will last about 24-48 hours. She will use an ice compress, but then she’ll be able to go back to her activities,” said Sanders.

Two weeks later Miller says the lines above her lip are gone and her lips feel more hydrated.

“My lips are smooth and soft and it just feels better. They are not as chapped as they used to be,” said Miller.

Skin experts say even small procedures done early can help slow down the skin aging process.

Before you decide to do any type of cosmetic procedure make sure you do your research and go to someone who is qualified to do that procedure.

Many women on SKIN By Dr Drew Karp  are getting these results for less than $40 a month with no needles and no downtime,

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