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Self Esteem and Hyper-pigmentation

We all know how much hyper- pigmentation, melasma, and dark spots can affect ones self esteem. Working in NYC in the beauty business for 12 years, I know how frustrating this was for the patients where I worked. Laser was limited to those with lighter skin types, hydroqup one has had mixed reviews, and skin lighteners, can cause more damage than what is already there.
I personally started taking SKIN By Dr Drew Karp 3 months ago. I am 58 years old. This photo is recent and with no makeup. My spots from sun exposure lightened up and my skin became radiant, as if I just had a facial. My skin glowed 24/7 And my skin just tightened up!
The results were amazing. I was getting noticeably younger looking on a daily basis. All my friends noticed and asked first if I had a cosmetic procedure, and then when I said no, they asked what I was using. Needless to say, all of my friends and relatives are now taking SKIN.
My aesthetician, who commented on my skin, had SEVERE hyper-pigmentation. She is 38, and felt embarressed because being an aesthetician, she was expected to have gorgeous skin. Not a single treatment had ever worked for her.
Me being new to the SKIN supplement, asked her if she wanted to try SKIN, after all, she had nothing to lose. AND, if it worked, she would finally have something for her patients that she knew worked, and had her very own photos as proof of her skin getting better every week.
By week 4 she was actually crying in JOY.
I knew that I had to spread the word about the SKIN supplement and become part of getting this product out to the women who suffer and are always looking for help, especially those with darker skin.
I did my research and found that there is not a single 100% organic supplement made up of the 7 most nourishing ingredients that work together to heal from the inside out, on a cellular level, where it all begins.
The supplement is taken once a day, in the morning before anything else with 3 ounces of water. Noticeable results are seen in 2 to 4 weeks. Dr Karp recommends taking it for 3 months to see optimum results and just take it daily after that.
This is a supplement created by Dr Drew Karp, known as a real magician, and a holistic physician practicing for the last 30 years in South Florida. It has been sold for the last 5 years only to his patients. I am now spreading the word that you can now buy this online at There is a money back guarantee.
If you have any questions, email

or call 888-drkarp5 or 888-375-2775

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