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Moisture… LOCK IT IN!

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Dewy soft and radiant skin is something we all strive for and admire. Locking moisture into skin can be a challenge at any time, but even more so in cool and cold weather. So what can you do to fight the battle against dry skin?


Hydration is a two-sided issue best met with a double-sided approach – inside and out. Always staying properly hydrated and eating a diet that includes healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil can help skin from the inside. On the outside, proper moisturizing will help keep skin hydrated, but this becomes more difficult once skin becomes dry and flakey. The best defense is a good offense!



The right way to moisturize can be almost as important as the act of moisturizing itself!  Do you know how? Always apply moisturizer right after cleansing and when skin is damp to lock in moisture and replace the protective oils that are lost from your skin when you cleanse. A Complete Clarity Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish can help to reduce flakiness by gently exfoliating skin. An Anti-Aging Day and Anti-Aging Night cream are designed to be absorbed quickly into the skin and help skin retain its moisture, so be certain to stick with your daily and nightly beauty routine and be consistent with it.


Hot Showers and Baths

A hot bath can be a restful luxury, but you should limit your time in a hot bath or shower to ten minutes in cooler months, or it can really dehydrate skin. Try to keep the temperature down to avoid dehydration, as well. You can also use lotion or a light oil (like sesame or coconut oil) before you towel off to really lock that moisture in. If you do, be very cautious that you don’t drip on the floor – it can create a slick and slippery surface. Applying it with a damp washcloth can help for easier application.

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