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Men Want To Look Younger Too!

Paul is 57 and this is just 4 weeks on SKIN. He told me he is getting compliments on his skin daily. His NL folds are not as deep and his jawline is tightening up.

Cannot wait to see the results in 2 months and then 3 months.


This is from the “Business Insider”

“We live in a culture where youth and beauty are prized — even for men. It’s a very big misconception that all patients are women.”

National trends agree. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased by more than 106% between 1997 and 2012.

Men want to look good and stay competitive in the job market. In a marketplace where looking  fit, younger, and more masculine is imperative, the better you look, the better your chances of ascending the corporate ladder.””These men are at the top of their career and they feel young and confident, but they’re worried they don’t look it,” Dr. Steinbrech said.

Then there is the dad. He used to look good in college. Now he see’s the wrinkles around his eyes and his jawline is not so tight any more.

“Every year at least a 10 percent increase in the number of men doing BOTOX. “They are wanting to look as good as they feel and they are wanting to keep up with their women counterparts.”

“The stigmas associated with men pursuing aesthetic treatment is gone”.

Men who are on SKIN are seeing their under eye wrinkles soften and there jawline is tightening.  No plastic surgery, no BOTOX, just one pill in the morning.

These photos are real!


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