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Before & After

The before and after pictures are all unretouched photos of our customers. Results may vary depending on your individual skin. We guarantee that you will see results. Take a before photo when starting on “SKIN By Dr. Drew Karp”. Check back in with additional photos at 2,4,8,and 12 weeks.

44 y.o. on SKIN for 6 months. Totally got rid her adult acne, tightened her jaw line, skin, and added an incredible radiance to her skin.

35 y.o. old with terrible melasma. These photos are after 8 weeks on SKIN.




57 y.o. male with facial aging. 6 weeks on SKIN By Dr Drew Karp. Fine lines on forehead have improved. Nasolabial folds filling in. Skin is radiant. Dark circles under his eyes are greatly improved.

58 y.o. medical doctor with major sun damage, hyperpigmentation, loose skin, and wrinkles. Neck is tighter, hyperpigmentation has greatly improved, nasolabial folds are filling in. Taking SKIN for 3 months.


38 y.o. with hyperpigmentation caused by using a skin lightener for one year. After  6 weeks, discoloration is breaking up and skin is radiant. Elena had tried every cream on the market with no success. 

Skin discoloration is lightening up. Skin is radiant.  Elena is wearing no makeup


40 y.o. facial aging. 4 months on SKIN By Dr. Drew Karp. Amazing transformation.

Skin is radiant. 

Carolyn was 55 in the first picture. 2nd photo is on her 61st birthday. 5 weeks on SKIN. She also reports her skin is tighter on her arms and legs.


Folds are filling in!


58 y.o. Under eye fine lines and wrinkles gone! 4 months on SKIN.

President of SKIN by Dr. Drew Karp


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